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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Why cant air be seen.?

 I had this thought right from my childhood. I got this issue resolved when my teacher told me that

'a particle can be seen if size is greater than......'

(ahem.....can't remember the exact thing). He told me that the air particles are too small and can't be seen. Well, another theory proposes that a particle is visible if the light falling on it, reflects some amount of light, and that amount of light reaches the eye and makes the particle visible.

Blah Blah Blah...... Thats all physics... Now think of you explaining this to someone who doesn't know anything about physics....

I came up with this brilliant idea.......!

What if we have the ability to see air.?

Air is everywhere. If we posses the ability to see air, then we will be seeing just the air and nothing else. We can't see the roads, people, walls and nothing else. There will be a think wall between all of us. Some of you can say what if air is translucent.?

Well in that case we will be seeing each other through a medium, That won't be good..!

When i asked my dad about this he was delighted....!!. All this is my thinking and my opinions compiled together.

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  1. great kept searching for the thing you didn't know and didn't just leave it until you got the answer...that makes you different....great job